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Our French heritage and its hedonistic culture want the meal to be a fun time. A tasty dish is imperative, but it is equally important for our meal time to be a moment of exchange when one must turn his mobile device off and share all pleasures arising from good food with good company. Have you ever noticed that the more the meal is fine the more it is worth sharing? Indeed, sharing one’s pleasure is to double it. Since it is such a gain to share our meal time, we should experience it with a dazzling companion.

Appetite is stimulated with senses: flavours, aroma, presentation… At the table, not only your mouth will be tripping with pleasures but your sight will be captivated by the young lady standing in front of you. Lunch will be so good you might be tempted to overeat. And, as the excitement of taste buds take over, it will spread in no time and gain ground under the table where the typical companion will undoubtedly have her foot sneaking its way to your leg under the tablecloth. The risk of taking more time than your agenda allows for will be ubiquitous: if you usually skip dessert, you might suddenly urge for two of them.

If you must return to the office as soon as possible, we strongly recommend limiting alcohol intake to a glass or two. If not, temptation could win over and you could find yourself calling sick for half a day to carry on the meeting with the companion.

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However, if you resist and return to work fulfilling your obligations and responding to your responsibilities, you will notice how these types of lunches can have a lasting benefit. For the rest of the day, you will enjoy a decreased stress level, satiated appetite and sharper concentration. Needless to say, your overall performance will be improved. You might be the happiest colleague among all.

It is fair to say, practising lunch often this way, making it a sport, improves health quality. So if you have a good hour for lunch break, make it an event and celebrate in the company of a ravishing young woman. Life is too short to sit on a Subway restaurant’s cold and stiff chair staring at a wall when break is meant to refill one’s energy level.

It does not have to be Sunday to eat the cherry on our sundae. Allow yourself to taste the best of the best, let the queen of desserts pour the icing on your cake. Sweeten your day with a companion for lunch time. And repeat as often as possible.