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The breakfast.

A day that starts on the right foot is a day that promises. We were often told that to excel, it was better to put something in the tooth when standing up. Indeed, eating two eggs bacon is good. Eating them in bed is even better. But there is a much more interesting formula for putting a pencil full of mine: the professional services of an escort escort specializing in Early Birds.

If you think the coaches are performing late at night, think again! Some of them are fans of the morning. They are waiting for your reservation to jump on the opportunity to perform their prowess and demonstrate their Art of Pleasure. These beautiful morning are usually of two types: either they are real night owls, elusive creatures, living upside down the clock, or they pass incognito by melting into the usual rate of the subway, work dodo. For the typical night owl, a meeting very early in the morning will actually be a late-night meeting ... with all the decay that such a moment may entail. As for the little bird of the morning, it will land at your fresh door like a dew whistling the hymn of happiness.

Whichever bird you prefer, all the escorts give you wings. They have the power to make anyone reach the seventh heaven even before they begin their first stride towards the success of their day. If it's true that coffee is a stimulating drink, the companion is a Red Bull. Many come to the gym before work to feel the benefits of physical training. The services of a companion have exactly the same effect. Whatever they may be, our expectations for an early-bird meeting with a breakfast escort will be surpassed.

We must also use caution, because the desire to prescribe a RedBull every day will be invasive. You will jump to the office, free from physical and psychological tension, but full of energy, vigor and concentration. You will personally notice when you see, at your door, draw this wonder of the world. The most feminine silhouettes will be held under the door frame, sporting the most charming smile. You will notice that in his right hand, Tim coffee prepared exactly as you like it is stretched under a kind look. At that moment, your morning will become big: you will know Perfection. You will be able to feel, taste and grasp this perfectly tangible perfection in your hands. You will be able to enjoy the sensation provided by this Perfection at your door.

Starting the day well accompanied is a must for success. Get up early and get off to a good start! Receive a companion on a silver platter to share a coffee during breakfast and get the best of your day. After all, the future belongs to those who get up early!