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The early bird catches the worm.

Get out of the right side of the bed on any early morning. Welcome a companion, share coffee and get the most out of your day.

Julien experience’s is a proof of it.

Julien had recently started to hit the gym quite early every morning. He was more going there in order to treat his severe bad mood than he was to maintain his good figure. If he skipped a workout, he was only going to be this grumpy old thing until noon. Furthermore, he couldn’t help it but procrastinate, yawn and avoid people all morning which was unproductive.

Heading to the gym, he recently noticed crossing paths with stunning different ladies in his building. Struggling to resist, he sometimes glanced at them to realize they were all heading to ring his neighbour’s door.

One morning, as he was heading out in a rush, inattentive and short-tempered as usual, he collides with one of them just outside his apartment door. In an attempt to avoid the hit, he stumbled and fell down, face up on the hallway carpet, right under the lady’s military trench coat. Lying flat on his back, eyes on the prize, he was frozen in place looking at what appeared to him as a perfectly groomed star shape fox denuded from any lace, Spandex or fabric of any kind. Julien stared, blissful, until the star disappeared from his sight, giggling away towards his neighbour’s door. When he finally snapped out of it, a business card on the carpet caught his attention. The happily groomed companion had dropped her contact information of her purse.

It didn’t take long before Julien gave her a shout. On the very next morning, Julien woke up in his familiar chronic petulant state. As usual, he deeply wished mornings didn’t exist. He hated the fact that he needed to ingest a whole coffee pot before hoping to reach a decent friendly state. Despite his irritable mood, he dismissed his workout to find out if relief could come out of another type of therapy.

He had already crossed paths with her and glanced at her silhouette, he had a chance to get a really good look from an unusual, yet very gratifying angle, but he wasn’t prepared for the high calibre that doll was giving away. She was standing in the doorway, coffee in hand, military trench coat unbuttoned, exposing her birthday suit.

The foxy companion explained that among her playmates, many are keen of mornings. They grasp at any opportunity they get to bring their lips to the fountain and display their talent.

After this day, Julien was convinced of one thing. On a scale of invigoration, a companion paying you a visit in the morning is a Red Bull outshining instant coffee. She holds the power to make one reach the seventh heaven before they even took their first stride in sunlight.

Since then, Julien knows morning smiles from ear to ear with reverberation to performance and success at work. He recommends a companion for everyone to witness how mornings can become a dazzling, grandiose and promising moment!