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You will discover that Paris is refined, elegant, intelligent, charming, discreet and passionate women with a great sense of humor. Your time together will be filled with more refreshing conversation, overflowing with romance, and discover a common passion for life. Paris is an elegant young woman, looking for sophisticated men and gentlemen with whom she can spend her time.

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I love the beautiful things in life and for me, most of this beauty manifests itself in art. I have a passion for theater, ballet and opera because in these worlds, so much beauty, fantasy and emotion is shown. But my love of beauty and art does not stop there! I dance because it makes my soul fly and I paint to give my world even more color. When we hear the word "beauty," the first thing that comes to mind is generally physical beauty. I also love to feel elegant and sophisticated, but what reflects more beauty for me, is the connection, both spiritual and physical, that two people can have between each other. You know, the chemistry that happens when two people meet, that thing you can not put your finger on, but you feel and know it's reciprocal. Come on, let me discover new things and I'll be grateful, I know how to do the same, in my own way.


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